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Our Chicago Mechanical Experts provide a wide range of HVAC services and solutions including building design, air conditioning and heating systems, equipment retrofits and replacements including chiller services, temperature & humidity controls, VRF systems, air handling equipment, and energy management.

D & H is a full range commercial HVAC team, including design & installation, preventive maintenance, and troubleshooting services.

D & H Refrigeration, Inc. provides commercial, industrial, institutional building owners, and facility managers with reliable, cost-effective HVAC service and energy solutions. We’ve gained a reputation as the premier service providers in our industry, and have developed a solid reputation for creating innovative building management and energy performance solutions.

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What really sets us apart, though, is our focused approach to project planning, managing expectations, service delivery, and guaranteed results. This strict attention to detail guarantees we consistently meet and exceed your expectations, every time.

For any inquiries on pricing and/or to request a free quote or consultation, please contact us or by calling us at 708.308.0002.

We started serving our industry in 1994 and have experienced significant growth WITH our clients over the years. Our design, build, engineering, construction and service team is the complete package.

Air Conditioning Systems

As a complete HVAC service company, our Chicago mechanical experts specialize in energy efficient solutions to HVAC repair, air conditioning systems, and equipment maintenance to lower total cost of operations for facilities throughout the Chicagoland area.

Heating Systems

Our team of highly trained certified union technicians will safely and effectively maintain your heating systems and ensure each system runs smoothly even in Chicago’s harsh and coldest winters. We offer comprehensive commercial and industrial heating services, including replacements, repairs, upgrades and maintenance.

VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) Systems

Our specialized team has successfully installed and maintains various VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) systems. VRF systems are a cutting edge technology when it comes to meeting the challenging needs of space conditioning requirements of today’s modern buildings.


Whether it’s a new installation, system upgrade, or repair to your hot water or steam system we will provide the technical expertise of licensed professionals to complete the projects on-time and on budget. Our services span from boiler installation, boiler service & boiler repair in commercial and industrial applications.


Our Chicago mechanical HVAC team are experts in the design, maintenance, and repair of commercial & industrial chillers.

Air Handling Equipment

D & H Refrigeration provides new installation and maintenance to commercial air handling equipment systems.

Cooling Towers

Our commercial HVAC team can repair and design highly efficient cooling towers that boost your energy efficiency and improve your bottom line.


The team at D & H Refrigeration is extensively trained and knowledgable in industrial & commercial heat pump systems.

Computer & Server Room Cooling Systems

Our experienced HVAC team understand the protection needed for critical, valuable data.

Mini Split Systems

D & H Refrigeration understands that not all system designs are the same, and the need for a dedicated mini-split system is a valuable component to a commercial HVAC system.

Temperature & Humidity Controls

Our dedicated and experienced HVAC team understand the importance and need of temp & humidity controls for high efficient HVAC systems.

Service & Maintenance

Have peace of mind knowing that we stand ready around-the-clock to respond to unexpected emergencies. With stock of over 10,000 items between our shops and truck inventories we are able to ensure your system is back up in operation as quickly as possible.

Preventive & Predictive Maintenance

Our experienced refrigeration team will thoroughly overview your mechanical system components and customize a preventive maintenance program designed to fit your needs and budget. We do not believe a “template” approach when creating preventive maintenance programs. 

Maximum Energy Efficiency And A Cost-effective Solution Can Start Now.

Let’s talk about your commercial or industrial system design needs. Let’s build a plan to get you there.