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Industrial & Commercial Refrigeration

Our Chicago commercial & industrial refrigeration team provide a full range of building refrigeration unit control, installation, and maintenance services including system designs, repairs, replacements and upgrades for ammonia, freon, rack & supermarket systems, and more.

Our mechanical experts use a customized approach to each and every commercial and industrial partner.

D & H Refrigeration offers design, sales, installation and service for commercial refrigeration systems in and around the entire Chicago area. Our dedicated refrigeration technicians and refrigeration service managers deliver excellent service and are committed to reducing your total costs of operation and ownership while always protecting your assets and your bottom line.

We make sure your refrigeration equipment is installed correctly and runs efficiently. Our technicians are well trained to the effects their repairs have on energy costs. Since electrical costs are frequently ten to twenty times higher than service costs, proper service can have a dramatically positive impact on your profitability.

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Whether your project is for a restaurant walk-in cooler installation or a cold storage freezer expansion, we approach all commercial refrigeration projects with the same amount of integrity and attention to detail. We ensure that every aspect of system design performs at maximum energy efficiency, reliability and within your timeframe & budget.

Some of the industries we service are cold storage facilities, food processing plants, food distribution facilities, restaurants, school cafeterias, storage units, hospitals, private businesses, universities, and commercial food services.

Timing is crucial in the refrigeration business. D & H Refrigeration, Inc. understands that when you need service, you need it now. Our customers will receive attention immediately. Our team of highly trained service technicians are dispatched quickly.

We will be there wherever and whenever our team is needed – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For more information or a free quote on our refrigeration services, contact us or call 708.308.0002.

We’re a commercial & industrial refrigeration team, providing a full range of building refrigeration unit control, installation and maintenance services including system designs, repairs, replacements or upgrades.

Ammonia systems

With years of experience and having developed a team of qualified and licensed professionals with a genuine passion for ammonia refrigeration systems, has enabled D&H Refrigeration, INC. to extend its services from maintaining and servicing ammonia refrigeration systems to new installation and expansion projects.

Freon Systems

Our team of experienced professionals is aware that unnecessary delays or service interruptions cost your business time & money. Our efficient computerized dispatch system and stock of over 10,000 parts amongst our shop and service vehicles will ensure your refrigeration system is up and running with minimal downtime.

Rack & Supermarket Systems

We’re a proven choice of mechanical experts for major supermarket chains, independent supermarkets, wholesale clubs, catering facilities & food processing facilities. Our team of experienced professionals is aware that unnecessary delays or service interruptions cost your business time & money.

Co2 Systems

 As a full service mechanical team, we have the ability to service, maintain and install Co2 Systems and components. As the EPA and other government agencies seek to phase out HFC based refrigerants, Co2 systems are gaining traction and becoming more popular within our industry.

Temperature & Humidity Controls

Or industrial refrigerator experts have the experience and expertise to engineer, design and install critical temperature & humidity controlled rooms for various types of applications. Many products thrive in certain temperatures and with certain humidity points. 

Service & Maintenance

Have peace of mind knowing that we stand ready around-the-clock to respond to unexpected emergencies. With stock of over 10,000 items between our shops and truck inventories we are able to ensure your system is back up in operation as quickly as possible.

Preventive & Predictive Maintenance

Our experienced refrigeration team will thoroughly overview your mechanical system components and customize a preventive maintenance program designed to fit your needs and budget. We do not believe a “template” approach when creating preventive maintenance programs. 

Maximum Energy Efficiency And A Cost-effective Solution Can Start Now.

Let’s talk about your commercial or industrial system design needs. Let’s build a plan to get you there.