Temperature & Humidity Controls

D & H Refrigeration, INC. has the experience and expertise to engineer, design and install critical temperature & humidity controlled rooms for various types of applications. Many products thrive in certain temperatures and with certain humidity points. No matter where the storage room is, if the room temperature changes, the humidity levels change as well. This may result in potential damage to or degradation of the product. D&H Refrigeration, INC. will take into consideration your application and design a system that fits your needs and budget.


  • Load Calculation & System Designs
  • New Equipment Installation and Upgrades
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Electrical Controls and Installation
  • Humidification & De-humidification
  • Temperature Control

Industries Served But Not Limited To

  • Cold Storage
  • Dry Meat Aging
  • Ripening Rooms
  • Wineries
  • Clean Rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Greenhouses
  • Printing Houses
  • Food Safety

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Brands We Work With